1. Watch: Nardwuar vs. Metta World Peace.

    The planet’s most thorough interviewer Nardwuar continues to amaze and astound his subjects with his ability to produce obscure yet relevant items during interviews. Like… Allen Iverson’s “40 Bars” on wax – quite the apropos piece when interviewing pro basketball player-turnt-rapper Metta World Peace . The rambunctious Laker is treated to various surprise gifts from the Nard, like vinyl spanning the career of his favorite rapper Tragedy Khadafi, or the nearly-forgotten 1994 compilation B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret , featuring NBA stars like Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, and Malik Sealy (R.I.P.) on the mic. Or a copy of the soundtrack to the Gabe Kaplan basketball movie Fast Break – all of which leaves the Queensbridge biggest baller impressed. Oh, and just wait till you see the parting prize the Human Serviette presents to World Peace….


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