1. WATCH: Murs Interviews DJ Quik.

    Maker Studios presents an interview between two of L.A.’s finest, Murs and DJ Quik. Actually, maybe “interview” is too strong a word. Sure, Murs prepares a few basic questions, but this is more of a casual public conversation between two homies/some time collaborators who obviously share a healthy mutual respect. Not that it seems possible for Quik to come off as anything less than smart, funny, and insightful no matter who’s asking the questions – whether he’s talking vintage perms, describing the genius of Eazy-E on “Eazy Duz It” as Napoleonic, or recalling being honored with a student-tutor title at Compton Unified School District back in the day as a kid. Praise this man! Quik is still the name, people! Peep the vid, after the jump…

    BONUS VIDEO: Murs and DJ Quik freestyling together over a great Nottz/DMP instrumental at Amoeba Records in L.A., 2008.

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