1. WATCH: Masta Ace — Fake “Rare and Real” Promo.

    Here is a quick rap fix, Masta Ace doing a spot for the Fake clothing brand in Montreal, Canada. While the world awaits the release of Ace’s collab with M.F. Doom, MA_Doom’s Son of Yvonne , the Masta takes a moment to spit some bars from the album, answering all the people who ask the rhyme veteran whose pro career has spanned 24-years why he still does it.

    Masta Ace raps: “I do it ’cause I could / I do it ’cause I’m good / I do it for the birds, I do it for the ‘hood / I do it all day, I do it in the night / And when I do do it you know I do it right / I do it for the flight so I can see the world / I do it for my wife and my little girl / Superhero dad can save the day/ I do it for the cats that paved the way / I do it for the vets, I do it for the Jets / I do it for the Yanks, I do it for the Mets / I do it for the Knicks, I do it for the kicks / Then I cross the bridge and do it for the Bricks/ Then I drive South and do it up for Philly / I know what dudes do, but do they do it really? / Let’s not be silly this foolishness is dumb/ I did it, still do it, and this is how it’s done/ One.”

    Peep the clip after the jump…

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