1. The New Flying Lotus Short Film “Until The Quiet Comes” Is Pretty Amazing. (VIDEO)

    We’ve been hearing about this video for a few weeks, and now it’s finally here. The compelling visuals of Flying Lotus’ short film Until The Quiet Comes previews the next-level producer’s forthcoming album of the same title. Filmed on location in Watts, Los Angeles, it features the “mutant” gyrations of Brooklyn dancer Storyboard P slithering through the infamous Nickerson Gardens projects – just one part of an arresting, contemplative image-fest. A meditation on exactly what, we’re not so sure. Death, certainly. With cinematography like this, we’re prone to repeated viewings and giving it more thought. Director Khalil Joseph (known for his work with Shabazz Palaces , Seu Jeorge, as well as filmmaker Terrance Malick) keeps you guessing — an accomplishment that manages to be simultaneously chin-scratching, head-nodding, and eye-popping. Yeah, we are feelin’ it.

    Watch it in hi-def if you got the bandwidth…

    Featured songs:

    “See Thru to U” ft. Erykah Badu
    “Hunger” ft. Nii Randa
    “Getting There” ft. Niki Randa

    [h/t 2dopeboyz ]

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