1. WATCH: The Final “Yo!” Freestyle Session from VH1’s “Yo! MTV Raps” Documentary.

    Tonight at 10pm EST 9C, VH1 premieres the documentary Yo: The Story of Yo! MTV Raps , tracing the history of one of the most important music programs of a generation. Previously leaked clips have included the time 2Pac let off a rant on set in 1993 . But here’s one that’s a little more celebratory – the freestyle session from the show’s last episode from 1995, set off by Rakim and also featuring KRS-One, Redman, Method Man, and many others . Peep it, and additional clips, after the jump…

    Rakim, KRS-One, Method Man and others on the mic at the final Yo! MTV Raps freestyle session.

    Live Friday performances on Yo! MTV Raps by Run-DMC and Queen Latifah.

    Ed Lover and Doctor Dre visit Mike Tyson.

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