1. WATCH: The Pharcyde’s Fatlip Tells a Joke(?) at The Laugh Factory.


    A funny thing happened at the Laugh Factory during a recent set by comedian Jerrod Carmichael, except it wasn’t a part of the scheduled act. Seems there was someone in the audience who really, really (really!) wanted to jump on stage and crack a joke. Who? None other than The Pharcyde’s Fat Lip. Encouraged (initially) by rap fan Carmichael, the possibly inebriated Lip bumrushed the show, but what happened next is one of those moments that could perhaps make you exclaim (like the ol’ song says), “Oh shit.”

    (Props to our Facebook friend Kaseem Bentley for hippin’ us.)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • DJ Voltron

      I felt embarrassed watching this. Fatlip was the one on crack, right?

    • maurice

      really embaracing, what a waste of talent

      would love to see him on stage doing what he does best…

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