1. 6 Videos of DOOM Imposters Performing In Concert.

    This past weekend hip-hop fans in London learned firsthand that DOOM (a/k/a M.F. Doom) may be reviving his old trick of sending masked imposters to perform at gigs in his place. Promoters of the club night “Livin’ Proof” apparently have no concrete proof that the real deal DOOM showed up for the DJ gig he was booked for, but they strongly suspect that the metal faced fellow who appeared was a phony. Of course, this would be far from the first time a fake DOOM, or DOOMposter , took it to the stage, as DOOM’s always relished any chance to enhance his bad guy notoriety with such antics (“Everything that we do is villain style,” DOOM once famously told Rolling Stone of the practice ). Peep these half dozen videos of DOOM trickery from over the years, and see if they don’t stand up to the definition, Super Villain.


    1. Rock the Bells - New York, NY, 7.29.07.

    Flagrant lip syncing sank this M.F(ugazy). Doom (check the 1:20 mark). The sound man stage right, for one, does not look pleased.

    UPDATE: The folks at Nature Sounds are telling us this is actually the real DOOM. Whoever it is still seems to be lip syncing. Damn DOOM’s hall of mirrors!!!

    (Props to deeron336 for the upload.)

    2. MJQ Concourse - Atlanta, GA, 12.13.07.

    After this particular show, the promoter allegedly posted on his myspace page: “By far one of the single worst experiences I’ve had as a club promoter.” But he sounded just like he does on the record!

    (Props to Quilly & The Kaos Effect for the upload.)

    Rock the Bells - San Bernadino, CA, 8.9.08.

    The crowd is maaad heated (“Ay, you really fucked up – I ain’t buyin’ no CDs no more!”) after a lengthy delay, exacerbated when “DOOM’s” DJ experiences technical difficulties.

    (Props to phantomileco for the upload.)

    4. Beat Club, Los Angeles, CA, 11.21.09.

    Mayhem in the dark. A voice in the crowd yells, “Fuckin’ SAY SOMETHING!” Yes, the quality on this video sucks. Though probably not as much as the show itself.

    (Props to saltpeter for the upload.)

    Congress Theater - Chicago, IL, 2.13.10.

    Mos Def was on the bill for this show and is seen performing in a DOOM-esque mask. Fake DOOM footage starts around 2:20; crowd seen hurling shit onstage around 2:50. Audience member: “This shit’s terrible.”

    (Props to MidwestLive for the upload.)

    Kool Haus - Toronto, Canada, 2.25.10.

    A fake DOOM starts the show. Here we go again, right? BUT WAIT – here comes the real DOOM. Just goes to show you – ya never know…

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