1. SEE, HEAR: DoItAll with Redman Perform “The Mighty One” on “Make It Or Break It” (1989).

    Brick City stand up! Newark representing. Here’s a pre-Lords of the Underground DoItAll — with Redman on the ones and twos — appearing on Make It Or Break It , the long-running tri-state public access TV show.

    This is that raw, funky shit we love. No commercials, plenty of craptastic chyron graphics — and fuck a Twitter — viewers had to call someone’s (probably the producer’s) phone number and leave messages to be aired later on (no 900 number here). Make sure to watch all the way to the end to hear the caller “from the old school” who disses “heavy duty underground bullshit from Los Angeles.”

    (Big up to cratesofjr for the upload)

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