1. WATCH: Denmark Vessey - "#CheapBrownLiquor" (Music Video).


    Looks like Denmark Vessey of Crown Nation really is doing weekly video leaks of his latest material (dubbed "Weekly Leaks") . Where last week's "That One Thai Joint" found he and his peeps posted up in a doorway, "#CheapBrownLiquor" finds team DV in some type of record shop or boutique with turntables situation. And though we tend to prefer the vids in which lip syncing is largely optional, the presentation here is still admirably laid back, Denmark's lyrical signs of stress notwithstanding ("I'm just a D-town nigga in a Chi City setting/ Where you can't slow down get your hi 57/ Or you could wind up Channel 5 at 11/ If your hat ain't on straight and your colors ain't neutral/ ... something I had to get used to").

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