1. What Was It Like to Go Record Diggin' with the Beastie Boys in SF in the Early '90s? Take a Look...(VIDEOS)


    Replica Oakley Sunglasses There's really nothing structured about this video. Which is what makes it so cool. It's just raw footage of the Beastie Boys circa Check Your Head at San Francisco's famed Groove Merchant record shop, digging for records as funky breaks play over the store's system. Cheap Oakleys Ad Rock and Mike D hit the 45s bin, Yauch shares some items for the camera. And when something from Bulldog Breaks Fake Oakleys drops Mario C looks like the happiest guy on the planet, while Hurricane exclaims, "Yo, Mike, these are the type of beats I need, right here." Issues of Fake Oakley Sunglasses Knockoff Oakleys Straight No Chaser by the cash register. Definitely the '90s...

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    [via ina.fr Cheap Oakley Sunglasses ; h/t Etienne Trinidad]

    Beastie Boys Hanging with Local Fillmore Kids.

    Cheap Ray Bans Beasties get a local geography lesson ("This is Fillmore, goddammit!"), and Hurricane gets recognized as a member of the Afros. Fake Oakleys

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • TieuM

      Trinidad! great find Hometeam!

    • Jerkface

      "Can I get a receipt?" That's when you know it's ON: a tax-deductible trip to GM.

    • beezy

      Kind of interesting that Ad Rock is looking at the Lee Dorsey section of 45's and he later has a line on Ill Communication that is "Everything I do is funky like Lee Dorsey"

    • egotrip

      He was definitely on some Eddie Harris ish too around then b/c you can hear him saying at one point that he got a 45 of "Instant Death."

    • bigcitrus

      Dang. What song is playing at 0:44?

    • Eggman


      Thats Cymande - Brothers on the Slide homie

    • Jas

      Great Video, Ione Skye, the old Muni buses and most importantly, a free parking spot in SF. Definitely miss the old days!