1. WATCH: 2Pac Hologram Live at Coachella (Full Performance).


    Dr. Dre promised to resurrect 2Pac via hologram at Coachella, and last night the good doctor kept his word. See for yourself as the ghostly visage of Pac performs "Hail Mary," and then duets with Snoop on "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted." What more can we say than, whoa! Dre may never get around to releasing that Detox album, but don't ever doubt the man when it comes to this hologram game. Watch the full performance, after the jump...


    (Props to HipHopCtrl for the upload.)

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Yo I love how certain media personalities are lamenting the overuse/misuse of this technology (ahem..missinfo.tv ...ahem) crying about the integrity of something..Haha (c) Pirated SNL segment of !?REALLY!? w/bboycult!

      Not ONLY do I want to see YoGotti 'slow it down' w/Ray Charles for a soulful rendition of 'Georgia on My Mind'; but I want White Jesus breakdancing with MLK Jr. at Blue Ivy's primetime, streamed live, televised (big 3 network simulcast) Global Sweet 16 parties!

      My anticipation of this; Could. Not. Be. Greater.