1. See, Hear: Vanilla Ice Before “Ice Ice Baby” (1989).

    For over two decades, Vanilla Ice has been subject to scorn and ridicule. He has gone from being a nobody to a flash in the pan to, dare say, a cult hero to some people (that is if you believe wacky YouTube comments). Today, we are not here to make fun of Mr. Van Winkle or put him on trial for his crimes against hip-hop (although our readers might have a thing or two to say about that). Heck, to be honest, the dude could cold bust a dance move, as seen in the above video shot on the streets of Fort Worth, TX back in 1989 before a B-side single with a catchy Queen/David Bowie bass line would change his life forever. Were his rhymes suspect? Hell yes. Did he play himself at times? You cotdamn right. But without the Vanilla tidal wave, imagine how tough Mac Miller would have it today. Word to your mother.

    (Props to ‪vANILLAPRO02‬ for the upload.)

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