1. UpNorthTrips Presents The 10s | The Main Sorceror: Behind The Boards With Large Pro.

    Photo Credit: Rashad Ringo Smith

    UpNorthTrips Presents The 10s | The Main Sorcerer: Behind The Boards with Large Pro

    words by @evboogie / mix by @UNITEDCRATES

    Large Professor is a man of many names: Large Pro, Extra P, The Professor At Large, The Mad Scientist, the list goes on — and so do his talents. The heralded Queens representer is recognized for an alchemy of masterful production and his ability to rock a microphone. His status in hip-hop’s history is secure.

    Today marks the 21st anniversary of the release of Main Source ‘s influential and acclaimed LP, Breaking Atoms , the classic album from the group founded by Large Pro that also included “them two DJs” – the Toronto-based members, Sir Scratch and K-Cut. Much of the credit for the album’s effective use of enriched jazz and soul samples goes to Large Pro, who expertly hand-crafted the sounds on the E-mu SP-1200. Extra P also gave light to a hungry up-and-comer named Nasty Nas (maybe you heard of him) on the the record’s famous posse cut, “Live at the Barbeque,” and the newcomer made the most of his on-wax debut.

    In order to acknowledge the Professor’s continued contributions to the rap game, UpNorthTrips brings you this special mix of 10 bangin’ Extra P-produced remixes. Enjoy.

    This is for my trapped in the ’90s niggas…

    Rob Swift – “Dope On Plastic (Large Professor Remix)”
    Year: 1999
    Breakdown: Large Pro teams up with fellow Queens representative to redo a joint on the X-Ecutioners member’s second album, The Abilist . Large Pro also drops a verse on this hidden gem in LP’s production catalog.

    Slick Rick – “It’s A Boy (Remix)”
    Year: 1991
    Breakdown: Extra P and Ricky D link up for this remix to the original featured on the ’91 release, The Ruler’s Back . This is the only collabo the two have finessed (so far) in their respective resumes of hip-hop classics.

    Lord Finesse – “Isn’t He Something (Extra P Session Remix)”
    Year: 1991
    Breakdown:  One of the few remixes in which Large Pro flexes his turntable skills, proving what a triple threat he is. LP cuts up Biz Markie and Lord Finesse lyrics on the hook. (Large Pro and Finesse are no strangers to working together and were once rumored to be two-thirds of the supergroup, The Alumni, alongside O.C.)

    Organized Konfusion – “Stress (Extra P Remix)”
    Year: 1994
    Breakdown: Aside from the hook, LP’s remake of this OK classic has a totally different vibe from its original counterpart, with fresh new verses and an impactful sound that breathes new life into this record.

    Mobb Deep – “Peer Pressure (Large Professor Remix)”
    Year: 1993
    Breakdown: Although it’s credited as a remix, Large Pro admits that this Queens massive collabo was actually the originally produced version. The joint which appears on the album, however, was produced by Preemo, while this version appeared as the B-Side on the single.

    Gang Starr – “Gotta Get Over [Takin’ Loot] ( Large Professor Remix)”
    Year: 1993
    Breakdown:  This one originally appeared on the Trespass soundtrack. Although rarely does anything need to be added to the formula of Guru verses over a DJ Premier production, this remix gets the nod, especially since it brought together some of the best to ever do it in this business of rap.

    Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – “Bad To The Bone”
    Year: 1990
    Breakdown: This is the only selection on this UNT mix which is not an official remix. Large Pro actually did eight joints on Kool G. Rap’s Wanted: Dead or Alive , helping to develop the gritty sound of the album. The Queens duo have continued to work together, most notably, Large Pro’s remix of Akinyele & G Rap’s controversial “Break A Bitch Neck.”

    Common Sense – “Resurrection ’95  (Extra P Remix)”
    Year: 1995
    Breakdown: Large Pro remixed the title track to Com’s sophomore album, which was originally produced by No I.D. The hook, with cuts by DJ Sinister, remains the backbone to this revamped version, however, the remix contains different lyrics.

    Nas – “Nastradamus (Large Professor Remix)”
    Year: 1999
    Breakdown: Ever since the Illmatic days, these two have enjoyed a productive and successful history of classic production collabos together. Here, the MC x producer link up to rework the title track to the God Son’s fourth album.

    Beastie Boys – “Sure Shot (Large Professor Remix)”
    Year: 1994
    Breakdown: Beasties and Large Pro together?!? Yep, that’s right. Featured as a B-side on the “Sure Shot” 12″, Large Pro replaced the catchy flute loop with hard hitting drums that are quintessential to the Large Pro sound.

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