1. Up North Trips x ego trip’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

    That time of year has descended upon us when we are forced to buy stuff for our loved ones. Yeah, our natural tendencies around here during this stretch is to turn into The Gooch Who Stole Christmas (you know what we’re talkin’ ‘bout, Willis), but some traditions are hard to break, and so, without further ado, we present to you good readers our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide . This edition would not be possible without the huge help of our friend Ev Boogie of Up North Trips . So fire up them credit cards and get ready.



    Record Store Day 2014 came and went, but those lucky enough can still find some of these special items like the killer Wu-Tang Clan “C.R.E.A.M.” / “Da Mystery of Chessboxin’” 10” Die Cut Picture Disc (available at Dusty Groove ) or the re-released Keith Haring adorned Run-DMC “Christmas In Hollis” Picture Sleeve 7″ (with “Audible Postcard” and “Peter Piper” as the B-Side) via Get On Down .

    Stones Throw comes correct for tape fiends with cassette versions of Dilla’s Donuts , the Madvillainy LP , and Guilty Simpson & Oh No’s new The Simpson Tape . (All available here .) Those willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets can score The King Of Beats: Ma Dukes Yancey Collector’s Edition SP-1200 Box Set , which is manufactured in the image and likeness of the exact drum machine/sampler which produced Jay Dee’s signature sound. (Available here )


    That morning cup of java certainly goes down better with a nice coffee table book that satisfies your jones for music. The Art Behind The Tape by DJ Mars explores the history of mixtapes by speaking to forefathers like DJ Hollywood , Brucie B , and Kid Capri . (Order here. ) Beats to the Rhyme: A Collection of Instrumental Hip-Hop Records for the Beat Connoisseur by Al Patterson goes one step further into hip-hop culture by documenting beats-only vinyl.

    Eilon Paz
    ’s jam packed Dust & Grooves: Adventures In Record Collecting (Second Edition) has been updated with an interview with Questlove , and provides sneak peeks into the homes of notable diggers. (Get it here )

    MO’ BOOKS.

    The Dirty Version: On Stage, In The Studio And In The Streets with Ol’ Dirty Bastard by Buddha Monk and Mickey Hess details the rise and fall of the Wu-Tang emcee with no father to his style, written from the perspective of the late rapper’s Brooklyn Zu friend. (Read an excerpt here and order the book here .)

    Byron Crawford takes Yeezus ’ name in vain in Kanye West Superstar 
, a not for the weak-hearted look at the hip-hop icon. (Order here .)

    Regular ego trip readers already got previews of For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul’s Boutique by Dan LeRoy & Peter Relic (read an excerpt here and order book here ) and Check the Technique 2 : More Liner Notes For Hip Hop Junkies by Brian Coleman , which chronicles the making of various great rap records by the likes of MF Doom , Kool Keith , Masta Ace , and more. (Receive a bonus Smif-N-Wessun “Home Sweet Home” picture sleeve 7″ at no extra cost when you order here , but hurry).


    While ego trip ‘s strict corporate dress code means we’re rocking monkey suits all the damn time (Ted Bawno runs a classy operation), we can’t wait for Casual Fridays to rock our rap-related t-shirts, like this oldie but goodie Censored Rap Video Shirt by BRLSQ , which now comes in new colors. (Get one here .) For a blend of the new and the old, this
    Fool’s Gold Records x Master P Tank Tee
    , will make people you’re trying to impress say, “UHHH!,” no doubt. (Buy it here .)

    Fools will definitely be catching (purple haze) vapors when you rock the Killa Bart Shirt by MVH Philadelphia (Order it here .) Lord willin’, all Clipse fans will get one of these slick tees from the Thornton Brothers Collection . (Buy one here .)


    Hoodie Season is upon us, so strap up with the Pen & Pixel®-ated Ca$h Money x No Limit Crewneck (available here ) or a 100% satin Kinship ’90s Girl Bomber Jacket (available here ) for all you ladies with dreams of being an R&B diva.

    For a more rugged look, go with the classic Public Enemey Fear Of A Black Planet Hoodie (buy here ) or the stylish BDP Jack of Spades Hoodie (buy here ).


    You know the steez. Gang Starr Beanies will give you that retro ’90s feel. (Get ’em at DJ Premier’s website .) For those especially brutal weather days, look no further than the
    DOOM Fleece Mask Hat
    by BBP (get one here ) guaranteed to have you stylin’ on e’rybody. For the ladies, these Acrylick Tapes Crew Socks , which pay homage to vintage cassettes, are a good look for loungin’ at the crib. (Buy some here .)


    1. Ed Piskor ‘s Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1-2: 1975-1983 Gift Box Set is a must for any rap nerd into comic books. This is essential reading, folks. (But it here .)

    2. Mark 563’s Evolution of The B-Boy Sticker Pack Series #3 is great for kids and adults alike. (The newest pack contains Humpty Hump, Dr. Dre, Flavor Flav & Luke Skyywalker.) (Buy some here .)

    3. Make everyone at Trader Joe’s jelly with the Raw Like Cocaine Tote Bag by Special Blends (Buy one here .)

    4. You probably couldn’t wait to buy some Rocksmith Wu Chucks (Padded Nunchucks) and go tiger style on somebody, but these babies are now SOLD OUT .

    5. You don’t just need the wood wheel, you need a Pimp C Ridin’ Dirty Air Freshener for the ride, too. (Get one here .)

    6. Get Sew Sew Def with the Chain Heavy Patch Pack . (Get some here )

    7. Don’t get gassed, get Dame Dash ‘s Dash Motor Oils for all your vehicular needs. (Buy some here .)


    1. Frank 151 – Chapter 57 (Mighty Healthy 10th Anniversary) includes interview with the Wallabee Champ Ghostface Killah . (Order it here .)

    2. Gangster Doodles Vol.2 is packed with more awesome, colorful drawings by one of our favorite artists. (Order it here .)

    3. Shaft is back in an exciting brand new comic book series written by David Walker and art by Bilquis Evely . (Order it here .)

    4. Purple Haze Killa Cam Zine doesn’t come with wet wipes, but has extra goodies for Diplomat fans. (Order it here .)

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