1. Unsung: The Geto Boys – Full Episode (VIDEO).


    The greatness of The Geto Boys is retold from the early, ever-evolving group line-ups to record-related controversies to problems within the squad.

    [Via TV One ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • ri067953

      I'll never forget buying the "Geto Boys" album. I was about 12 years old and I was searching for the single of D.O.C.'s Funky Enough single and couldn't find it anywhere. I couldn't leave without buying anything so I remember that I liked "Do It Like a G.O." so I bought the album. Man, I heard those songs and it scared the shit outta me. I went back the next day and returned the tape. A couple years later, I bought it again.

    • HughPhug

      Gangster Of Love killed my tape deck, 'opened up my butt cheeks and started licking out my asshole'
      14 years old, back of the bus, big foamy ass headphones, back when noise reduction meant people at the front of the bus had to wear their own headphones else they'd be able to hear you're music. fucking love the Geto Boys

    • Winston


    • Devin Clarke

      That was soooo damn funny.. yeah you are right..the Ghetto boys was some crazy stuff back in those days..lol..