1. Unsung: EPMD - Full Episode (VIDEO).


    EPMD is the latest subject of TV One's Unsung series - which traces Erick and Parrish's path to becoming one of the biggest groups of hip-hop's classic era and how jealousy and tensions between them stopped it all at their height of their popularity. (They've since sort of patched things up - because, to quote a PMD solo LP title, business is business.) Features interviews with the group, DJ Scratch, Redman, Keith Murray, Das EFX, DMC and more. Also features Parrish's names misspelled as "Parish" throughout (unless it's been legally changed without or knowledge).

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • double-00-Robert-Parish-Celtic


      Sean Connery's fave destination in france...


    • green eyed lisper

      "my lisp was maad stronger then" erick sermon

      classic honesty.

      that's what i dug about old school rap. the honesty.

    • shy439

      Does anybody knows the name of the track in the beginning??