1. Listen to a 2-Hour Mix of Vintage Regional Underground Rap – “Unsigned Hype”
    Live at Danny’s (AUDIO).

    From North Kakilak-raised Jonathan Kirby of Chicago’s The Numero Group comes this 2-hour-plus live mix of vintage underground rap (some of which you might categorize as of the “random” nature). The party is dubbed “Unsigned Hype.” The venue, Danny’s (home to such world famous soul/funk soirees as Dante Carfagna’s long-running “Sheer Magic”). Whatever you wanna call it, the sounds are quality as you’d expect given the pedigree and associations mentioned. And despite the presence of mid-90s boom-bap indie favorites like Da Grassroots’ “Drama” and Dutchmin’s “Get Your Swerve On,” the bulk of the evening’s material herein represents largely less celebrated obscurities from, as Kirby puts it, “the Carolinas, Virginias and Rappalachias.” No tracklist, just listen and enjoy.

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