1. See, Hear (Cheer Up Monday Edition): UMC's - "Blue Cheese."

    See, Hear (Cheer Up Monday Edition): UMC’s – “Blue Cheese.”

    It's been a rough last few days to say the least - senseless violence, tragic death, Mother Nature scorching the earth's surface, and the entire U.S. economy on the brink of credit default. If you, like us, could use some cheering up perhaps this will help cause you to crack a smile: the UMC's classic 1991 "Blue Cheese" video , in which Hass G and (a pre-NYOIL) Kool Kim irrepressibly frolic with a goofy, toothy blue-hued puppet creature like they haven't got a care in the world. "Blue Cheese" pungent? No, FUNgent. Let its aroma waft your way this Monday morning.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Tyrone Fuller

      gay aliens with gold teeth: they can get married in new york now. umc wuz mad advanced for 1991.

    • http://yahoo Matthew

      If only Amy and Anders spent more time listening to the umc's the world would be a better place...

      (As long as they didn't listen to the second album, Damn why everything gotta be so dark?)

    • http://heightfiveseven.com Logan

      That damn carousel interlude at 02:07 makes me smile extra hard, every time.

    • Jaded

      Hahahahaha @ matching yellow nautica parkas. Cute couple.They're were definitely spawns of the Native Tongue, but I don't think Pos and Tip would claim them on their taxes.