1. WATCH: Ultramagnetic MC's BET "Rap City" Interview (1992).

    Ultramagnetic MC’s BET “Rap City” Interview (1992).

    Happy born-day, Kool Keith. The Interwebz tells us you were born on this day in a year yet to be confirmed, but possibly 1963 (how's that for fact-checking?). In celebration of your musical gifts and unique perspective on life we revisit this vintage clip of you and your Ultramagnetic MC's comrades hosting a BET segment to promote the Funk Your Head Up LP. Tough to pinpoint a single highlight here. But perhaps it's when Ced Gee asks you to name some of Ultra's influences, and you begin naming '70s NY baseball players like Mickey Rivers, Jerry Grote, and Wayne Garrett. Thanks for hitting for the cycle with every public comment or observation. Salute!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • oskamadison

      "Why'd you go to Creedmoor?" "'Cause I like their hamburgers..." Vintage Kool Keith...Since everybody's doin' sequels nowadays, imagine "Critical Beatdown 2"...

    • roxwellthe3rd

      Keith is my hero! I used to work at a newsstand on Hollywood Blvd. Every time he was in town I'd hook him with a stack of porn mags. He would chill there for an hour or two just picking out his favorite ones