1. Tyler, The Creator — “Domo 23” Music Video & Wolf Album Artwork.

    Los Angeles’ Tyler, The Creator of OF will soon be OT (outta town) as he embarks on a tour starting next month in support of his third album, Wolf , which will hatch on April 2nd. Because we know how much you love him, here’s his newest, wrassling-inspired music video (filled to the brim with OFWGKTA cameos) for a song christened “Domo 23” (with a slice of a slo-jam called “Bimmer,” as in “You remind me of my Jeep ,” thrown in at the end) as well as the three different cover looks of his upcoming LP.


    [Via Odd Future ]

    Tyler, The Creator – "Domo 23" / "Bimmer" (MUSIC VIDEO).

    Tyler, The Creator – Wolf #1 (ALBUM ARTWORK).

    Tyler, The Creator – Wolf #2 (ALBUM ARTWORK).

    Deluxe version by Mark Ryden.

    Tyler, The Creator – Wolf #3 (ALBUM ARTWORK).

    Alternate cover.

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