1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Styles P on Phoney Rappers Who Talk Too Much.


    This past holiday weekend was a chance for some folks to reflect. While vacationing in Mexico, Styles P / @therealstylesp took to The Twitter to reflect on how much he despises phoney rappers acting fake at music industry functions . Between tweets promoting an appearance at S.O.B.s on April 15th, The LOX's holy "Ghost" virulently railed against the act of "party rapping" - a wonderful term we hope catches on more widely that he defines herein. Styles also confesses that he is proactively using "ninja"(!) in place of the n-word on The Twitter, and explains why. Follow this man. Applaud this man.


    1. I know I'm ole school and o.g.. But I'm from the era where if a guy talks to much most likely he is a bitchass ninja!

    2. Dudes now a days talk to fucking much and want to be flyer then their girl.

    3. I'm trying ninja because I don't like to type the word n!!!! U can't hear the love in a typed word

    4. Dear other artist- don't be a phony motherfucker or a sucker n don't let the game change u n stop fucking party rapping talking4 nothing!

    5. I might spaz out n beat up the next rapper who comes up to me party rapping for no fucking reason.

    6. @JustBlaze that shit is so fucking annoying when it's better to not say anything or up and lie for no reason.leave it at a what's up!

    7. Sometimes I be thinking about robbing all these cowards but that is backwards movement I ain't with that but these ninjas are sweet!my word

    8. I be thinking of harming whole labels!

    9. I know the guy protecting you and he know me

    10. Party rap= bullshit phony talk just because the person is around you 85% of rappers do that dumb shit

    11. Fuck 95% of the industry and salute to the 5% that's real

    12. The trip has helped me no more mr nice guy if u don't fuck with me get the fuck away from me n don't say no phony shit to me-HOLIDAY

    13. I always sound mad even when I'm happy!don't worry about that. I had an epiphany though fuck who ain't with you and let em know fuck em!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://tytyindustries.com Tyrone Fuller

      a yo, styles p--you wack, son! you ain't no Nine or son of bazerk. you talk all hard but you old like old french bread and your man looks like a ninja turtle. foh