1. Sh*t America Tweets: You Suck, Karl Rove.


    The biggest loser in this week's presidential election wasn't Mitt Romney, apparently, but Karl Rove . The GOP super PAC man's organizations spent a ton of dough - in excess of $300 million - on conservative candidates with very little return on their investments. Rove's denial that Obama had won Ohio's deciding electoral votes on FOX News' election night broadcast - even as FOX News itself declared Obama the winner - has made him the butt of jokes. And his op ed piece in today's Wall Street Journal labeled President Obama "lucky" that Hurricane Sandy happened a week before the election, saying the storm, "interrupted Mr. Romney's momentum and allowed Mr. Obama to look presidential and bipartisan."

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    The Twitter, however, was not havin' it, and has reacted not-so-kindly to Karl. There's two rap lyrics that come to mind. Number one: In the words of Kool G Rap "You lose, and now you got the ill street blues." And the next is M.O.P: "Firing squaaaaad!" Enjoy... Cheap Oakleys

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