1. 10 Things Rappers Did While Twitter Was Down.

    The unthinkable happened this afternoon. Twitter crashed and the world stopped. With civilization on the brink of total destruction, we suspect this First World problem affected rappers the most. They who rely so heavily on the Me-Me-Me social platform probably did this…

    10 Things Rappers Did While Twitter Was Down.

    1. Quality time with The Kindle.

    2. Hit the “studio”… in complete secrecy .

    3. Went to go buy a new phone (one that has Twitter that works).

    4. DM’d their baby mommas the old fashioned way — they yelled at them.

    5. Harassed random strangers on street by blurting incomplete sentences at them.

    6. Rented plane and brushed up on skywriting.

    7. Mad Facebook status updates.

    8. “Time to check my tumblr, check my tumblr.”

    9. Went InstagrH.A.M.

    10. Came to senses about frivolity of social media. Watched daytime TV instead.

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