1. You Don't Have to Rock a Black Tie to Enjoy These Tuxedo Mixtapes by
    Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne (AUDIO).


    You just have to rock, uh, ears. Tuxedo is accomplished beatsmith Jake One and accidental soul crooner Mayer Hawthorne . They've got an album coming out on Stones Throw in March but in the meantime the label uploaded these two separately created vintage mixes from the duo (Hawthorne's from when he went by DJ Haircut) of rollerskate-ready modern soul/disco and more. Smoooove.

    Stones Throw:

    Mixtapes are part of the reason Tuxedo exists. Jake and Mayer made these two mixtapes long before they knew each other, about 10 years ago. Shortly after meeting they exchanged these mixes, and realized the ground was already set for their collaboration.

    [via Stones Throw ]

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