1. Tupac Shakur Class Taught at UC Berkeley (1997).


    With school starting up again for so many students across the nation and today being the 16th year anniversary of Tupac Shakur 's death, we look back at a college course taught by student teacher Arvand Elihu at the University of California, Berkeley just one year after his drive-by murder in 1996. Three separate television segments are here for you, one on MSNBC and the other with perpetual sourpuss Bill O' Reilly who frankly states: "I didn't like Shakur. I'm not gonna say he deserved what he got, but I'm not surprised" (Dammit, Bill), and the final unidentified short piece has Pac's moms' reaction to the class.

    (Props to PlayaYoungThugz for the upload)

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