1. Sh*t Rappers Tweet: Trick Daddy on Personal Responsibility & Poor Decision-Making.


    Some folks don't know nann 'bout personal responsibility. We know this to be the case because yesterday on The Twitter the one and only Trick Daddy/ @305mayor told us so. And while Miami's unofficial Commissar may mostly be spotted on the social network promoting his book, Magic City: Trials of a Native Son , yesterday his rant regarding personal responsibility and poor parenting, changing America's laws to more closely emulate China's limitations on children per family, and the need for more brutal honesty amongst friends and family was Pulitzer worthy. Peep his tweets (or "Shut Up"!)...

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Yo fuck what'chu talm bout I'm bout to 'abounded' my kids raaat nuh!-- (C) Trick

      Drinkin hand soaps an shit...SMH

    • dat azz

      trick is tha truff