1. UK Designer Trevor Jackson – If Ya Don’t Know Now Ya Know (VIDEO).

    I don’t really have time to surf the net, but finding this video interview brought a smile because Trevor Jackson is one of my favorite graphic designers ever. Although we are around the same age and actually have some mutual friends nowadays, a few decades ago I was pretty unfamiliar with his late ’80s/early ’90s Saul Bass-esque hip-hop cover artwork because it was primarily confined to the UK and Europe. I’d see a random import now and then, but never made any connections to who did the art (sort of like how people used to describe my own creative output). It wasn’t until I copped Cynthia Rose’s Design After Dark, The Story of Dancefloor Style (Thames & Hudson, 1991) , did I learn about what were — in my opinion at the time — the superior “alternate” UK versions of artwork done for the Jungle Brothers and Queen Latifah, among others. These were so much unlike their original American versions: bolder, more graphic, and visually consistent from release to release. A few years later while shopping at Aaron’s Records in Hollywood, I came across a couple fine examples of his stark black & white art direction for Bite It! Records. My mind was blown. I hadn’t seen hip-hop presented with such a sharp highbrow aesthetic. I have to say he was a big influence on me. And so now, many many years later, along comes this nice video vignette featuring Jackson where you can hear the man’s story from his own mouth. I’ve also included some of my favorites covers he’s designed as well as the understated tee shirts he did with Stussy in the image gallery above. ‘Nuff respect. — Brent Rollins


    Stussy Guest Artist Series: Trevor Jackson.

    Jungle Brothers - "I'll House You" (1988, Gee Street)

    12″ Single Cover.

    Jungle Brothers - "Because I Got It Like That" Ultimatum Mix (1990, Gee Street)

    12″ Single Cover.

    Queen Latifah - "Come Into My House" (1990, Gee Street)

    12″ Single Cover.

    Queen Latifah - "Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children" (1990, Gee Street)

    12″ Single Cover.

    Queen Latifah - "Dance 4 Me" (Gee Street, 1988)

    12″ Single Cover.

    Queen Latifah - "Ladies First" (Gee Street, 1988)

    12″ Single Cover.

    Eric B. & Rakim - "Follow The Leader" (1989, MCA)

    Promotional Poster.

    PM Dawn - "A Watchers Point of View" (1989, Gee Street/Island Records)

    12″ Single front and back cover.

    100%Proof - "Different Neighborhood" (1992, Bite It!)

    12″ Single Cover. Photography by Donald Christie.

    The Brotherhood - "Alphabetical Response" (1995, Bite It!)

    12″ Promotional Cover. Photography by Donald Christie.

    The Brotherhood - "XXIII" EP (1993, Bite It!)

    EP Cover. Photography by Donald Christie.

    Awesome Tee (2012, Stussy)

    Starkly clever, I say.

    Midrange Tee (2012, Stussy)

    Elevation Tee (2012, Stussy)

    You know Rakim got soul. One of his dopest memorable lines.

    Can You Feel it? Tee (2012, Stussy)

    Oh yeah.

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Follow The Leaders.