1. WATCH: Tree — "Best" Music Video.


    Here's some Midwest flavor for y'all, a celebratory cut called "Best" from an MC by the name of Tree , who hails from Chicago, and has a fresh mixtape titled Sunday School , which everyone should check out if you haven't yet done so. In this clip, we see Tree fitted in an MLK sweatshirt doing a photo shoot in around what's left of the bordered-up Cabrini Green projects (or at least that's what it looks like to us — any Chi-Town readers that can confirm that, please leave us a note in the comments) .

    [Via Nah Right ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • http://dudegot.com Bobby Rocwell

      yes that is the Cabrini Green area..

    • egotrip

      Thank you B.