1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Travel Agency Promotes Asia Tourism Via “Slanted Eyes” Campaign.

    A Ukranian travel agency has commenced a campaign to encourage travel to Asia with the slogan, “See Asians Like Asians Do.” The above poster – from Multipass, and created by Kiev advertising agency Tabasco – finds various folks demonstrating exactly what this entails: the ol’ “slanted eyes” gesture previously thought to be largely frowned upon as racist – save perhaps for a certain member of the Kansas City Royals . For some reason we get the feeling this isn’t the best way for visitors to endear themselves to their Asian host countries. If this weren’t enough, an accompanying poster in this campaign literally requires you to “screw up your eyes” to read it. Peep it (you know, like Asians do)…

    [via Buzzfeed ; h/t ego trip reader @jessiepeterson)

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