1. Clearly, This Transparent Speaker Achieves High Quality, Sustainable
    Audio Design.


    We know audiophiles are perpetually searching for the clearest sound. But how about a speaker design that emphasizes full transparency? People People's Transparent Speaker was created with the belief that audio is "best heard not seen," and boasts a sleek look that literally adapts to whatever environment in which it's placed. (It's also been featured in a will.i.am - Britney Spears music video - so if it can survive that, it can probably go anywhere). Other specs: 6.5-inch subwoofer handles the bass, two 3-inch full range drivers supply the highs and everything in between. Also features a built-in power amplifier with embedded digital signal processing (DSP), aluminum control panel and LED for power-on and display. Still not clear?


    Additional details over at Kickstarter .

    [via PSFK ]

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