1. WATCH: The Trailer for Spike Lee's Upcoming "Red Hook Summer."


    Probably owing a least in part to the recent wave of nostalgia following the two decades since Do The Right Thing burned up the box office, Spike Lee's latest film Red Hook Summer seems to be at least intensely curiosity arousing , if not outright worthy of the title "most-anticipated." Sharing a similar milieu as his 1989 Bed-Stuy fable, the coming-of-age tale of young Atlanta-born Flik Royale (gotta love/loathe Lee's characters' names) sort of flips the annual African-American ritual of sending the youngstas the-fuck-outta-town for the summer on its head: this time the southern boy is sent to the urban jungle to find religion rather than the other way around. Or so it seems. Though it's not a sequel to Do The Right Thing , Spike does reprise his role of Mookie — he makes an brief appearance in the trailer @2:04. Still the question remains, will Red Hook Summer prove to be a race (laugh) riot? Eh, probably not. But then again as far as we're concerned it ain't really a party unless Rosie Perez shows up in the opening credits, dancing around with boxing gloves on. (Sheeeeet, homegirl still looks good .) Anyways, we digress. Do the click thing and check the trailer and decide for yourself.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bongolock

      thanks but no thanks spike

    • cire88

      Yeah i'll pass thank you.

    • DEMO!

      Thank you Spike.

    • Mizurk

      More a flip of the middle section of CROOKLYN (when the Brooklyn lad visits his southern family for the summer) rather than a sequel to DTRT, it looks like to me.

      Although it looks like we'll be spared the whole movie being anamorphically squeezed for artistic reasons, thank christ!

    • egotrip

      Dont'cha mean, "when the Brooklyn little girl visits her southern family...), but yeah. And then the screen aspect ratio goes all ka-ray-zay..