1. Trailer Bang: Five Movies That Take Place on a Friday.

    Five film trailers for that ass that connect on a thematic level. This edition’s main attraction: Movies with Friday in the title. Get ready for cheeba smokin, teen massacre & out of body experiences.


    Freaky Friday (1976)

    Young-ass Jodie Foster, Disney on LSD, split personalities, MILFs, car chases, po-po spliced in two, stunt doubles, wigs, O.G. version.

    Thank God It’s Friday (1978)

    Disco, Donna Summer, horny clubgoers, dancin’ gays, bellbottoms, bad pick-up lines, casual sex, nose candy, dancing on car rooftops, crunk in da club.

    The Long Good Friday (1980)

    British gangsters, prime Helen Mirren, thick (ahem) cockney accents, car explosions, dangerous baths, mini yachts, bloody violence, the word bloody, off the meat rack.

    Friday the 13th (1980)

    Creepy whispers, Camp Crystal Lake, wood cabins, capsized canoes, axes, bloody summer camp, dead horny teens, 10 degrees of Kevin Bacon, bad luck.


    Friday (1995)

    Marijuana joints, phat-azzed neighbors, bathroom humor, air refreshener, lowriders, eses, angel dust, perms, unemployment, you got knocked the fuck out.

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