1. Party People, Bobbleheads & Rare Soul 45s…
    en Francais? It Must Be Toulouse Soul Club #9 (VIDEO).

    Last month, our own resident soul 45 connoisseur “Chairman” Jeff(erson) Mao dropped a guest set at Toulouse, France’s Toulouse Soul Club – one of the best soirees of its kind in the world. Although, honestly, there isn’t really a soiree of this kind elsewhere in the world – unless there’s a rare soul night at which the residents drop Funk Flex bombs and Jadakiss’ cackle between their impeccable selections (like team TSC does) that someone didn’t tell us about. Suffice to say, it’s not exactly a stuffy affair, as the crew’s latest video demonstrates. (And for those in the South of France, the next TSC goes down June 8th with special guest Helena Stromdahl of Soulin’/Malmo.)

    SOULCLUB #09 from Émile Sacré / vect on Vimeo .

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