1. True Funk Detectives, Deerheads & French Women Dancing to Rare Soul 45s… It Must Be Toulouse Soul Club #12 (VIDEO).

    Granted I’m completely biased , but these Toulouse Soul Club promo videos are the shit. Yes, they’re extremely well shot and edited (kudos to TSC resident videographer Émile Sacré), and as one would expect the music selection is always top choice. But the studious execution belies the fact that TSC actually cultivates a loose, irreverent environment – complete with Funk Flex explosions over their raers and a rotating assembly of stuffed animal mascots. In other words, the connoisseur level tunes don’t get in the way of people having fun. Here’s the crew’s latest clip, which features the venerable Miss Shing-a-Ling of Richmond, VA on the decks. Next month they’ve got none other than the King of Diggin’ DJ Muro slated to set it off. If you’re in the south of France on April 12th you got no excuses.

    SOULCLUB #12 from Émile Sacré / vect on Vimeo .

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