1. LINK: For Limited Time Only, Download the Top Dozen Most Loved Diggers Dozen Sessions ft. Mr Thing, DJ Vadim, more.

    As voted by the Mixcloud listeners. Free download (zip folder containing 12 x 320 kbps MP3s) available until September 29. Courtesy of diggersdozen.com


    Mr Thing (BBE Music)
    Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser / Soundsci)
    Miles Cleret (Soundway Records)
    Pierre Duplan (The Kramford Look)
    DJ Vadim (BBE Music)
    Nik Weston (Mukatsuku Records)
    Chris Arch (Retro Table Funk & Soul)
    DJ Rhythm Doctor (Love Vinyl / Mutant Disco – Tallinn)
    Rhys Webb (The Horrors)
    DJ Para
    Cassy Boo (JAzmaris)
    Andrew Westbury (Eldica)

    [Visit diggersdozen.com for download]

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