1. Too $hort Performs “Don’t Fight The Feeling” Then a Fight Breaks Out (1991) (VIDEO).

    Things begin auspiciously enough, Bay Area icons Humpty Hump and ex-DU dancer 2Pac in the crowd, hyped like everybody else to be at a Too $hort show. We then cut to a performance of “Don’t Fight The Feeling” some time later in the concert, and $hort barely gets to say “bitch” a few times before knuckleheads start scrappin’ in the audience.

    “That’s the end of the show,” says the Oaktown rapper, who moments later exits the stage. “It’s over. They got about 50 niggas fightin’. It’s over.” (And it’s not the first time a fight has broken out that night, as he states in exasperation, “Damn not again.”)

    The po-lice then swoop down with the quickness, and boy, they are not playing, brandishing heavy artillery and escorting the entire crowd out the building. The end.

    (Of course, some of you will recognize this footage from your now dusty VHS copies of Short Dog’s In The House: Live .)

    (Props to MikeBlaze1990 for the upload)

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