1. PREMIERE: Tone Tank — One-Offs & One-Upmanships (AUDIO).


    OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Prepare yourself for one of the most intense and unexpected audio experiences of your life.

    TONE TANK’s New Hip Hop Classic- ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS.

    ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is not a Rap Album. It goes far beyond any Rap Album.

    ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is not a philosophical statement. It contains all philosophies.

    It is a wake up call for the world.

    ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is carnal…. It is comforting… It is sensual.

    ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is miraculous…. And terrifying.

    It’s funny. … And it is ferocious.

    ONE-OFFs & ONE-UPMANSHIPS is more than an album.

    It is an experience for all of your life.

    Get it on cassette . Enrich your life. Follow Tone on Instagram .

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