1. To The Max… (From Dada To ‘Holla’)

    Hello again… Hope everyone out there of righteous conduct is receiving righteous reward…

    So check it… Most of us have always known this hip-hop thing to be a truly heightened art form. Accordingly, I’ve always likened sample-based production (and hip-hop in general) to visual collage of the highest order. The above video clip about Max Ernst’s collage work accurately illustrates the point. (Don’t let the white-haired women and general air of academia deter you…) The tendency to take pre-existing shit and rearrange it to reflect one’s own personal expression is present in nearly every form of art… whether it be Max Ernst doing surrealist collage, Bambaataa cutting up two copies of a Monkees record, or Ghostface rhyming over an unaltered Delfonics ballad. What’s yours is mine is yours… Ya dig?

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