1. Timex Social Club Live in 1986: “Rumors,” Dance Moves and a Gun? (VIDEO).

    Timex Social Club almost literally bring the house down in this rare footage captured by a fan of the band performing in front of an enthusiastic hometown crowd at the Little Theater in Berkeley, CA, back in ’86. Giving it their all for the show’s closing number, their huge hit “Rumors,” the original line-up of Marcus Thompson, Mike Marshall, Kevin Moore and Alex Hill drive the ladies crazy with funky dance steps and by throwing out promo items into the stage-rushing audience.

    That ain’t all the excitement. Lead singer Mike Marshall (who sang the hook for the Luniz’s “I Got 5 On It” a decade later) pulls out a toy gun at the 2:27, shooting blanks as he recites the lyric: “For the next time they catch somebody startin’ rumors, shoot to kill!” (You can hear a woman scream in the audience. It’s crazy.)

    (Props to x2d4c for the upload)

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