1. WATCH: Tim Dog Grand Larceny News Report.

    Ever wonder what Tim Dog has been up to lately? Well, according to this WMC-TV news report, it turns out the rapper best known for dissing the city of Compton has apparently been running quite the scam — conning lonely women out of money.

    Seems Timothy 'Tim Dog' Blair was for a while meeting women on online dating sites, then convincing them to invest in an upcoming music project. He then used that money to convince the next woman that he was livin' large so that she would open a line of credit to him. Esther Pilgrim, a 47-year-old single mother who resides in Memphis, TN, was one of the Dog's victims. She loaned him $10,000, which eventually turned into $30,000, and spent three years trying to get local authorities to take the case. (She was successful and Tim Dog pleaded guilty to grand larceny in 2010, resulting in a deal that has him doing five years of unsupervised probation and paying back $19,000 in $100 monthly payments.)

    The Tim Dog case will supposedly be featured in a two-hour special on Dateline NBC, airing this upcoming Friday night.

    (Blurb written by Brendan Klinkenberg. Props to @harryallen, the Media Assassin)


  2. You might wanna peep...



    1. Darrell

      "...Tim M-u-t ya bark was loud but ya bite wasn't vicious, and them rhymes you was kickin' were quite bootylicious! " LOL!

    2. joe

      Slum Dog is more fitting! Dirtbag Conman selfish self absorbed lazy ass who should really get a job!

    3. Bxbound

      Misrepresentn on a datn site?Gee that never happns.golddiggr gets playd big deal.

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