1. Is Tim Dog Still Alive?! (VIDEO).


    Holy shit. A recent news story claims that Tim Dog "may be up to his biggest scam yet" — faking his own death . WREG in Memphis interviewed Esther Pilgrim, one of the women featured in this Dateline story back in June of last year, who had been one of many victims reportedly swindled out of money by the rapper, and she alleges that a death certificate for Timothy Blair (the Dog's government name) has not been found by a private investigator she hired. The news station also did some diggin' and supposedly didn't come up with anything either. And here's the kicker: their P.I. did, however, locate an Atlanta address "active" since last month for the supposedly deceased rapper!

    Our heads are still reeling over this crazy report. Watch the segment for more details and ask yourself, "Is Tim Dog still alive?"

    [Via TSS ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • tupac shakur

      Tim Dog is in Cuba with me. shhhh!

    • Tim Dog

      All that faking-your-death shit is for dumb muthfukas!

    • Frank White

      Ey Yo Pac, Come Over Here I Got Some Bomb Ass Weed Straight From Malawi!
      Lets Smoke!

    • Biggie Schaals

      J-Zone, keep hope alive!

    • Woody Black

      There might be an even bigger BIGGER trickery! Tim Dog might not not be a "dog" after all. Maybe he's really Tim CAT w/ nine lives! It's The Cat baby baby! PURRRRR!!!!

    • bboycult

      They forced his hand.....that and being a despicable villain, fuck else was he supposed to do!? Why don't more Mothafuckas do it!? Oh shit .....I just saw bout six Ultramagnetic negroes in a white Bronco!

    • http://twitter.com/bigspintv bigspin.com.au

      Interesting post from my blogs archive on Tim Dog in Australia. (removed http. Feel free to delete if you don't think it's relevant ted. )web.archive.org/web/20111010063437/http://bigspin.tv/2008/08/fuck-australia/

    • Veda

      That shit was funny!

    • joe burke


    • joeburke

      tupac fajked his death first before tim dog if timdog is alive and family cant prove timdog is alive then tupac and tim dog are together one with the other and if tupac is dead tupacs mother should be able to prove that with the death certificate oh that's right she cant because tupac has to be dead for that to happen think it over everyone out there everyone spread this message to everyone because it does make a lot of sense r.i.p. tupac a cheater he had all his believing he was dead

    • joeburke

      tuim dog has to be with the tupac

    • joeburke

      thes e three messages are together ijust made amistak if tim dog is alive he would be with his homie tupac shakur