1. Is Tim Dog Still Alive?! (VIDEO).

    Holy shit. A recent news story claims that Tim Dog “may be up to his biggest scam yet” — faking his own death . WREG in Memphis interviewed Esther Pilgrim, one of the women featured in this Dateline story back in June of last year, who had been one of many victims reportedly swindled out of money by the rapper, and she alleges that a death certificate for Timothy Blair (the Dog’s government name) has not been found by a private investigator she hired. The news station also did some diggin’ and supposedly didn’t come up with anything either. And here’s the kicker: their P.I. did, however, locate an Atlanta address “active” since last month for the supposedly deceased rapper!

    Our heads are still reeling over this crazy report. Watch the segment for more details and ask yourself, “Is Tim Dog still alive?”

    [Via TSS ]

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