1. Listen to Tiger & Woods’ “Forgotten Anthems” Show For RBMA Radio (AUDIO).

    Had the pleasure of interviewing mysterioso disco/boogie edit tandem Tiger & Woods about some of their favorite and forgotten tracks for RBMA Radio . Anyone at all intrigued by the duo’s beautifully executed extended/incrementally shifting takes on the likes of Imagination’s “Music & Lights” (playfully re-dubbed “Gin Nation” ) and other boogie-fied sample fare should dig their selections and commentary. Vintage Italo disco, Evelyn Champagne King, neo-classic Golf Channel material, Mary Jane Girls, late ’80s house and more are all paid homage. Also: their recollection of hearing “Just an Illusion” for the first time as teenagers back in the day at Rome’s Piper Club that’s practically cinematic in its retelling. Enjoy!

    RBMA Radio:

    Their bodies might be stationed in northern and southern Europe, but the collective consciousness of Tiger & Woods is more often found levitating in deep analogue space. This mysterious duo’s trademark fusion of boogie, house and compressed funk has caused a constant buzz around Running Back and the Editainment label – while the live Tiger & Woods experience has touched down at some of the world’s most discerning disco outposts. With their EPs Golden Bear and Toolkit For Winter Fitness , the duo continue their exploratory twist of golden disco breaks, reinterpreted for the modern club age.

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