1. This Sunday: Four of the Central Park Five to Speak at a Special Screening Of 'The Central Park Five'

    The Central Park Five

    This Sunday, November 25th at 4pm, the Maysles Cinema is hosting a very special screening of The Central Park Five at the 500-seat theater in the Dempsey Center on 127th Street between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. (just around the corner from the Maysles Cinema). This special screening will be followed by a post-screening Q&A with Central Park Five directors Sarah Burns and David McMahon and four of the members of the Central Park 5 - Raymond Santana , Kevin Richardson , Yusef Salaam and Korey Wise .

    “We were considered animals,” Raymond Santana tells me, “and the movie lets people know that we were kids, just humans.”
    - "Ken Burns Fights City Hall Over His New Film on the Central Park Jogger Case" by Boris Kacha, New York Magazine

    "Legendary filmmaker Albert Maysles says the film 'complies with every single thing that makes for a good documentary, and it's going to make for a better world.'"
    - "Central Park Five Subjects Call on Tastemakers to 'Right This Wrong!", Scott Feinberg, Hollywood Reporter, Oct 28th, 2012

    Tickets available through Brown Paper Tickets, with group rates for ticket purchases of 5 or more attendees for all  The Central Park Five screenings.

    If you can't make it to the Dempsey, you have plenty of other opportunities to see the film at the Maysles Cinema in the coming week - Fri. 11/23 @ 5:15pm & 7:30pm, Sat. 11/24 @ 3:15pm, 5:15pm, & 7:30pm, and Mon. 11/26 through Thurs. 11/29 @ 7:30pm .

    You can enter this Shadow and Act Blog contest right now (until Wednesday, Nov. 21st at Midnight) to win tickets to the screening: Shadow and Act Ticket Giveaway

    Some recent Press about the film:

    "The Central Park Five Talk To S&A About Their Film, Civil Suit, Their Lives Today"
    - Tambay A. Obenson, Shadow and Act, Nov. 14, 2012
    [The Central Park Five] on their every day lives today: "We work; we try to be productive. But it's still hard. Day by day is still a struggle for us. But one thing that we do, all of us, is that we do talk to the kids. We talk to colleges, we talk to high schools. Because that's our way of giving back. Back in 1989, we felt like the whole world was against us, and like nobody wanted to invest in us, and we felt that this time around, this is how we can invest in our future, which is the kids; this is how we give back. We're all still in touch and we're still friends."
    Read the Interview>

    When Mass Hysteria Convicted 5 Teenagers
    - Sunday Review Op-Ed by Brent Staples, New York Times , Oct. 27, 2012
    "...My job as an assistant metropolitan editor for The Times in the late 1980s gave me a close vantage point on the events that unfolded in the aftermath of the attack. But it was only with [ The Central Park Five] documentary —and the distance of time—that I gained perspective on the civic turmoil of the period and the symbolic role that the young suspects played."
    Read More>

    Compelling Reason for Following Father’s Footsteps Sarah Burns and the Documentary ‘Central Park Five’
    - Felicia R. Lee, New York Times Nov. 15, 2012
    "'Part of our goal is simply to inform people about what happened in this case. But we also want people to think about how this happened. That means talking about false confessions, about the failure of all the institutions in the city to protect these kids, and particularly how the media failed to apply any journalistic skepticism to the story the police gave them. And of course the underlying prejudice that made it all too easy for so many to believe that these kids were guilty.'"
    Read More>

    A final note: Our credit card machine is now up and running at the box office where we will be selling tickets and a limited number of First Edition Hard Cover copies of Sarah Burns' book "The Central Park Five: A Chronicle of A City Wilding" , starting this Friday. Sarah Burns will be signing books at the Dempsey, Sunday.


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