1. ego trip Movie Night Double Feature:
    This is Ska! (1964) & Reggae: The Story of Jamaican Music (2002).

    Took a few weeks unexpected hiatus, but we’re back with our regularly scheduled weekend programming. This time up we got a double feature, two mighty fine BBC documentaries full of soothing sounds and rhythms. First up, is the amazing This is Ska! Recorded in the early ’60s in Kingston, Jamaica, it not only captures rare, early performances from future icons Jimmy Cliff, Prince Buster, and The Maytals , it also features locals twisting and turning on the dance floor, giving this shin dig quite a fun vibe. Immediately after is Reggae: The Story of Jamaican Music (Part One) from ’02, an hour-long program loaded with a wealth of knowledge about the birth of reggae, the importance of Studio One and the social climate in Jamaica in the ’60s. Well worth your time, trust.

    (Props to skapolis for the upload)

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