1. Things That Don't Rap But Have Rapper Names: Cake Stackers.


    We could have sworn Cake Stackers was a nasty uptown rhyme crew with a street savvy sound reminiscent of early Big L, Herb McGruff, or pre-Untertainment Cam'Ron. But according to its website , Cake Stackers "offers the latest in cake stacking systems for the beginner or professional that will help make your cakes look amazing and more requested." Very perplexing. Well, at least we can all agree that with the holidays fast approaching, it's more important than ever to effectively stack cake, lest you suffer through a flat-pocketed Xmas/Chanukah/Kwanza. Ain't nuthin' sweet about that.

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Skill Laimbeer

      GULLY TRANSPORT. Look into it.