1. Things That Don't B-Boy But Have B-Boy Names: Floormaster LOC.


    Floormaster LOC is a popular UK brand of laminated flooring known for being water resistant, thus suitable for kitchens (the above video apparently demonstrates how - maybe that's why it's always unavailable on Netflix). But to our ears "Floormaster LOC" sounds like a name related to a whole 'nutha type of linoleum usage, a moniker worthy of only the most gangsta of Wessyde b-boys . In fact, if there wasn't some OG dude windmilling on the boardwalk at Venice Beach back in the day whilst employing this very handle somebody needs to snatch the name up with the quickness - like yesterday, fool. Wat up, LOC!

    (Props to one of our Twitter fam for the heads up on this. We lost your message, holmes, so hit us up on @egotripland so we can give you proper individual credit.)

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