1. Thelonious Martin — MCMXCII Instrumental Album. (AUDIO)

    Thelonious Martin turns 20, but it’s we the music fans getting presents today as he, in association with RubyHornet and Dope Couture, brings out an instrumental album thriving with creativity, a definite respect for his predecessors, and all types of fun samples of dialogue from stuff like The Last Dragon , The Mack , and (quite appropriately) Martin . MCMXCII is said to be made in “the spirit of his biggest influences, J. Dilla and Madlib,” and it shows, as the 20 shining selections (one for each year the Chi-Town producer has been on the planet) are presented together as an enriched listening experience rather than just like a regular ol’ beat tape collection.

    [Via Ruby Hornet ]

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