1. The World’s Angriest Guitar Player (VIDEO).

    “New wave folk” artist The Treeman (who according to his Facebook , listens to everything from The Misfits, Love Affair, Slayer, and Nick Drake) caused quite a stir over a year ago when he was videotaped attempting to play “The Magic Man” (or as he calls it, “THE FUCKIN’ MAGIC FUCKIN’ TWATTIN’ MAN!”), a cut that would appear on his debut “7 release on Video Nastie Records. See the short-tempered musician who calls Liverpool, England his home lose his bloody mind one note at a time, but be warned: offensive language and abusive behavior to guitars lies ahead, along with some hearty laughs.


    The Return Of The Angriest Guitar Player In The World! (VIDEO).

    The only thing missing is steam coming out of his ears.

    (h/t dan_cov)

    The Treeman - "The Magic Man" (2012).

    In case you’re wondering what the song that drove The Treeman crazy sounds like finished.

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