1. The Wire Tour: For a Taste of B-More Way Down in the Hole.

    Fans of The Wire are nothing if not dedicated. This would include Peter Fitzgerald , creator of the impressively thorough The Wire Tour of Baltimore – a driving tour that takes you past 54 locations in the city where the acclaimed HBO series was set and filmed. It begins in West Baltimore at the locale of the show’s opening scene – Lexington and Fulton Aves – where one Snot Boogie lays dead and Detective Jimmy McNulty gets a memorable lesson from one of Snot’s boys on what it means to be an American. The North Central part of the city reveals the motel where Omar shot Brother Mouzone . The East is where you’ll find Marlo’s hangout and the police regulated drug-zone, “Hamsterdam.” Venture to the South East and you’ll find mysterious crime boss The Greek’s diner . Central Baltimore is where you’ll find the Irish pub where the show’s fallen police officer wakes were shot. And so on and so on.

    Fitzgerald estimates it’ll all take you three and a half hours without stops, but says, “to properly take the tour, you’ll want to make stops for photos, food, and general gaping. It’s wise to plan for a full day.” He also has a message for anyone whose expressed interest in this is to “gawk at poverty”: “you are here for the wrong reasons.” His other piece of advice before setting out: “First, watch The Wire . The whole thing.” Couldn’t agree more. Read the itinerary in full, HERE .


    [h/t UpNorthTrips ]

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