1. 52 Characters From The Wire Illustrated On One Poster.


    For the Wire fanatic in your life, may we suggest as a stocking stuffer this poster depicting 52 characters from the acclaimed HBO drama as illustrated by Dennis Culver. 24″ x 36″ and printed on 100lb gloss text stock, “All In the Game” features most of your favorites from “The Greatest Television Show Ever Made” (as it’s often lauded). And while we did notice a few omissions (no Slim Charles, nor Randy and Namond from season 4), this is impressively exhaustive and detailed – sort of like the show itself. Ships rolled in a reinforced tube starting the week of December 5th. Get it, HERE.


    [h/t UpNorthTrips]

    Detective William "Bunk" Moreland.

    Deputy Commissioner for Ops William A. Rawls.

    Sergeant Jay Landsman.

    Officer Jimmy McNulty.

    Officer Thomas "Herc" Hauk.

    Sergeant Ellis Carver.

    Colonel Cedric Daniels.

    Detective Shakima "Kima" Greggs.

    Howard "Bunny" Colvin.

    Detective Leander Sydnor.

    Detective Lester Freamon & Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski.

    Dep. Commissioner for Admin. Stanislaus Valchek.

    Police Commissioner Ervin H. Burrell.

    Judge Daniel Phelan.

    Assistant State's Attorney Rhonda Pearlman.

    Frank Sobotka & Horseface

    Nick Sobotka.


    Officer Beatrice "Beadie" Russell.

    Bubbles & Johnny Weeks.

    Norman Wilson.

    Mayor Thomas "Tommy" Carcetti.

    City Editor Augustus "Gus" Haynes.

    State Senator Clayton "Clay" Davis.

    The Greek.

    Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos.

    Maurice "Maury" Levy.

    Russell "Stringer" Bell.

    Avon Barksdale.

    Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice.

    Proposition Joe Stewart.

    Calvin "Cheese" Wagstaff.

    Marlo Stanfield, Felicia "Snoop" Pearson & Chris Partlow.

    Omar Little.

    Tosha & Kimmy.


    Lamar & Brother Mouzone.

    Duquan "Dukie" Weems.

    Michael Lee.


    Dennis "Cutty" Wise.

    Wallace, Malik "Poot" Carr, D'Angelo Barksdale & Preston "Bodie" Broadus.

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